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Social Media campaigns

My process for creating a variety of social media campaigns with different formats involves understanding the target audience, setting clear objectives, selecting appropriate social media platforms, developing a content strategy, and closely monitoring performance metrics. As a social media specialist, I conduct research to identify the target audience and their preferences, set clear objectives, and select the appropriate social media platforms. I then determine the campaign format based on the platform's capabilities and the campaign objectives, and develop a content strategy that aligns with the campaign objectives and format. Throughout the campaign, I closely monitor performance metrics to ensure that the campaign is meeting its objectives and make adjustments as needed to optimize performance.

Gala Idello

To promote educational excellence and prepare for the upcoming Idello Gala, I knew I needed to launch a targeted social media campaign. I started by identifying my target audience and crafting a message that would resonate with them - highlighting the importance of education and the impact that great teachers have on their students and communities.

From there, I developed a content calendar and created a mix of engaging visuals, video animation, inspiring quotes, and real-life stories from exceptional educators. I also used social media analytics to track my progress and adjust my strategy as needed. Thanks to my campaign, I was able to raise awareness about the importance of education and generate excitement for our upcoming gala.


Brand strategy







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