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Landing Page & Social Media campaigns

For the KOHO campaign, I created a stunning visual design with the prime objective to convey the values and innovative spirit of KOHO. Utilizing a palette of vibrant and eye-catching colors, combined with modern and minimalist design elements, my creation aims to instantly capture the viewer's attention while delivering a message of simplicity, accessibility, and reliability. 

The visual composition is centered around the balance between aesthetics and functionality. Geometric patterns and smooth transitions between sections reflect the ease of use and the user-friendly approach of KOHO. To enhance the connection with the target audience, I included images of real people using the KOHO app in their day-to-day activities, thereby illustrating how KOHO seamlessly integrates into its users' lives. 

Emphasis was also placed on the innovative and avant-garde aspect of KOHO by incorporating subtle animations and dynamic interactions that highlight the unique features of the app. In this way, I aspire not only to create a memorable visual experience but also to inform and educate the viewer on the multitude of benefits that KOHO provides. 

In summary, my creation for the KOHO campaign represents a fusion of art and technology, aiming to inspire and engage both current and potential users. Through this distinct visual approach, I seek to establish an emotional connection with my audience while emphasizing the innovations that KOHO brings to the financial world.

Koho Campaigns

We've crafted an innovative contest that not only showcases the cutting-edge spirit of KOHO but also offers you the chance to walk away with fabulous prizes. Our creation is designed to engage and inspire, leading you straight to our contest page where victory could be just a click away.


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