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Email & Social Med campaigns

To create a compelling introduction for your 2022 Claim Your Gift Card Contest, I proceeded with the following detailed plan:


Ideation: I outlined key points to cover, based on the contest details  provided, focusing on elements such as the contest period, eligibility requirements, entry methods, and prizes.


Research: While the information provided was comprehensive and might not have required further research, I made sure that all details were clear and easy to understand for the target audience. When additional details were needed to enhance the text's appeal or clarify contest rules, I gathered relevant information.


Title and Outline Development: I formulated a catchy title that encapsulated the essence of the contest, followed by a detailed outline of the text, including an introduction, main sections, and a conclusion.


User Feedback: You had the opportunity to review the title and outline, and provided feedback or requested modifications to better align with your vision.

Content Creation: Upon approval, I wrote the comprehensive introduction text as per the agreed outline, ensuring a professional tone and clarity in presenting the contest details.


Finalization: The written content was then saved in a document format, and I provided you with concise confirmation that the task had been completed.

Sunlife Campaigns

The goal of the "2022 Claim Your Gift Card Contest" sponsored by Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada was multifaceted. Primarily, it aimed to promote healthier living among its participants by encouraging them to submit their digital extended health claims. This not only facilitated a smoother, more modern health claims process but also provided participants with a unique incentive - the opportunity to win one of five $1,000 CAD Amazon gift cards. Further, the contest sought to increase engagement and interaction between Sun Life and its Group Benefits plan members, enhancing user experience and loyalty. The inclusivity of the contest's eligibility criteria underscored Sun Life's commitment to its diverse clientele across Canada, while the variety of entry methods catered to participants' preferences and technological access. By doing so, Sun Life demonstrated its adaptability and forward-thinking approach in engaging with its community. Ultimately, the contest served as a strategic mechanism to foster a healthier, more connected, and engaged client base, in line with Sun Life's goals of enhancing customer wellness and embracing innovative digital solutions.


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