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Groupe Média TFO Branding

Groupe Media TFO is a leading media company that aims to empower its audience through innovative and engaging content. As a company that values simplicity, reliability, and speed, Groupe Media TFO needed a brand identity system that embodied these principles and set them up for growth. With a focus on delivering exceptional experiences to their audience, Groupe Media TFO is committed to providing a seamless and enjoyable media experience for all.


Visual Brand Identity
Visual Identity System

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Branding style guide

Visual Identity:

A logo that tells a story


To reflect Groupe Media TFO's mission of creating innovative and engaging content, we developed a unique logo that is both distinctive and meaningful. The logo features a stylized letter "T" that is formed by two curved lines, evoking a sense of motion and energy. The typography of the identity system is modern and sleek, conveying a sense of sophistication and professionalism. To further enhance the brand's visual appeal, we selected a vibrant and diverse color palette that captures the spirit of creativity and innovation. Overall, the Groupe Media TFO visual identity is designed to communicate the brand's values and vision, while also standing out in a crowded marketplace.

Visual Identity:

A versatile and unique design language


To capture the spirit of Groupe Media TFO's innovative and engaging content, we developed a flexible and distinctive design language that can be applied across a range of media properties. Drawing inspiration from the brand's mission of connecting with its audience, we developed a set of unique patterns that can be used as backgrounds or abstract illustrations. This design language informs how the brand visually speaks across all of Groupe Media TFO's properties, creating a cohesive and memorable experience for viewers. Whether it's on television, online, or in print, the Groupe Media TFO visual identity is designed to stand out and make an impact.

Since implementing TFO’s rebrand, the internal culture has been energized and united, with attracting and retaining top talent to further their mission.  

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